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Chef Neal Corman visits GMA

Chef Neal Corman visits Good Morning America to present the Virgil’s road trip cookbook and delicious BBQ recipes from the best BBQ restaurant in the United States. 


Video transcription

Speaker 1: So, Virgil’s, if you have not heard of Real BBQ and their chef, Neil Corman, excuse me, I’m smelling it when I came in, can I tell you? 

Speaker 2: Talk to me. 

Speaker 3: They’re the wings. Yeah, they smell, they’ll fill the entire place up. 20 years here about, I don’t know, 300 ft from you guys, we are the neighbors, we’ve been here for 20 years at Time Square and to celebrate that, we put out a cookbook at Virgil’s Real BBQ. It’s our BBQ road trip cookbook. It’s got 335 pages, it’s got 95 recipes and this is one of the most popular and it is Barbecued smoked wings and it’s a little three-step process we can jump into it. 

Speaker 2: Please, go for it.  

Speaker 1: Let’s do it. 

Speaker 2: Can I, I’ll just make sure that they’re safe, everybody while we do the recipe. 

Speaker 1: Do that. 

Speaker 3: First thing we do is we’re going to make a little bit of marinate and these are not just regular wings because at Virgil’s, we don’t just use anything regular, these are big wings, we’re talking about quarter pound, there’s four of these to a pound so, it’s not the tip, we don’t just give you that little part in the middle that I don’t even know what the heck its called but it’s like my favorite part. 

Speaker 1: The whole wing. 

Speaker 3: Yeah. It’s the whole wing. 

Speaker 1: So, you put in the …

Speaker 2: Not just… 
Speaker 3: . Not just. Right, we won’t hold any of that back. This is a little whole butter mixed with some vegetable oil and that makes it really stick to the wing, we have a little garlic powder, we have a little onion powder, we have a little hot sauce, you can use Virgil’s hot sauce, you can use any kind of hot sauce and we just mix it up, so we do that right now. 

Speaker 1: I got the mix. 

Speaker 3: You go right ahead. 

Speaker 2: This is unbelievable. 
Speaker 1:
 So, when we’re mixing this, it just comes to me and we want to know, what does make great BBQ versus not so great BBQ? 

Speaker 3: You know, it is the sum of the parts. Everything in here is, we think about, we figure out what the balance is, how much spice to put in, how much acid to put in it, 

Speaker 2: So, you’re not a fan of the whole like wing it? No pun intended you prefer, I really didn’t mean to do that. 

Speaker 3: You know, I guess at this point, Barbecue is like such a science and so much of it, I don’t think anybody wings it anymore, I think it’s really really controlled. So, these will all go and we just need to toss these wings in here ok? And what we’re going to do is …. 

Speaker 1: Want me to make some room? 

Speaker 2: Yeah. 

Speaker 3: We’re never going to put in on there, we’re going to do… so, these wings that we marinate, what we’re going to do is you can hold this and these wings then go into our refrigerator … 

Speaker 2: Are you guys hungry? 

Speaker 3: … at Virgil’s … 

Speaker 2: You hungry, Doug? 

Speaker 3: … and we marinate these for two days. Two days alright? 

Speaker 2: Come on over here. 

Speaker 3: So, that’s all set. 

Speaker 1: That makes a huge difference. 

Speaker 2: So, marinate for two days … 

Speaker 3: Two days, exactly. 

Speaker 4: Thank you. Thank you. 

Speaker 3: And at two days, we pull them out at Virgil’s and what we do is you put them in our 1400 smokers and we smoke them at 250 degrees for about three and a half hours ok? And then, what we end up having is these wings that you see over here. We put them on the grill, we’re going to bring them up, make them a little crispy, add a little texture to them and then, what we’re going to do is we’re going to put them over in here after 3 hours and 30 minutes. 

Speaker 1: The two days marinate is tricky. 

Speaker 2: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Like I’m not that financed. 

Speaker 2: Because I can’t wait. 

Speaker 3: Well, you gotta start thinking ahead but you know something, if it’s good, you have to wait for it. Now, we put a little bit of sauce on and you can see in front of here what’s in the sauce is butter, of course, there’s some corn stalks to keep it all together some more heat and a little bit of vinegar. We toss those wings in here. 

Speaker 2: I think we probably need to go field trip over at Virgil’s. 

Speaker 3: Exactly. 

Speaker 1: I think so. Maybe that’s breakfast today.  

Speaker 2: I think Denis right? 

Speaker 3: And I think that’s really it. 

Speaker 2: We can’t thank you enough. 

Speaker 1: Thank you so much. 

Speaker 3: No problem. Thank you. 

Speaker 2: The name of the restaurant is Virgil’s, it is literally our neighbor here at Good Morning America, we use it as our home away from home for not just the food and check out the cookbook. Here it is everybody, celebrating, is it 20 years already? 

Speaker 3; It’s 20 years. 1994 Virgil’s. 

Speaker 2: Thank you, everyone, for being with us. 

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