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Helping our neightbors GMA during Thanksgiving!

Good Morning America and the United States Coast Guard help hurricane Sandy victims with full turkey dinners from Virgil's Real BBQ restaurant in Times Square NYC and even more food from the NYC Food Bank the day before Thanksgiving.


Video Transcription

Speaker 1: And Sam, all morning long, you’re going to go out to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, we loaded up some food from Virgil’s and you’re going to be out delivering it all morning. 

Speaker 2: Yeah. 

Sam:  We are in our way so, we’ll see you on the way in the next half hour. 

Speaker 1: ok. 

Speaker 2: Way to go, Sam. 

Speaker 1: There’s the food right there, Sam’s got in the road right now and when we come back… And we have loaded up the truck this morning with Thanksgiving meal meals from Virgil’s, there we are this morning, Sam is heading out to some of the areas by Hurricane Sandy, he’s going to be delivering that food this morning.  Good morning America…  and it’s Sam Champion on his way to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the Brooklyn community of Red Hook. Hey Sam. 

Sam: Hey Good morning, George. You know, you can’t have a disaster as large as Sandy and have more than 70,000 homes destroyed without depending on men and women who work every day in the service, Well look at this, the coast guard is behind us, they’re taking us there and then, the volunteers, they get there as well and it’s all about folks helping folks. So, we’re going to do that this morning. Early this morning, our neighborhood was loading up food, Virgil’s helped us out with some food, we’re going to take it over to the folks who are just trying to get their lives back together and maybe they could even have a nice Thanksgiving in the process. So, let’s give you the map so that you know what’s going on today as you walk out the door. We will, by the way, start with this beautiful area of high pressure to give us the gorgeous skies in the North East today. The numbers will actually respond. Maybe a little chilly this morning but that sunshine will really help today. And then, take a look at the big chill that comes in on Black Friday. Most of the Thanksgiving forecast is going to be beautiful across the country but right after that, starting that Friday morning when those stars are trying to get you to roll in early, that’s when that cold air tolls in early and that’s the weather around the nation here that can expect this morning. 

[Commercial Break] 

Sam: Alright. So, we’re getting on board, we’re going inside. The next time we see you, hopefully, will be already in Brooklyn. Gang? 

Speaker 1: I can hear them telling him, Sam, get inside, inside, I’m coming up… Now, we got to get to Sam in the New York Harbor delivering supplies for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

Sam: So, we’re on board this coast guard responds we’re already out of New York and we’re on our way to Red Hook, Brooklyn. Come on over here and tell me your last name sir. 

Coastguard: Ceely.

Sam: You guys have been on this a long time and there’s a lot of other folks. The fire department, rescue teams that are working hard, what do you say about how you guys work around the clock? 

Coastguard: Pretty much basically, the coastguard being one of the NYPD, we al kind of together for the clean up and the rescue efforts that had been going on, you know, we lost part of our station and everything so, we’re keeping boats in certain places just trying to strategically place things around the harbor here so, we actually can respond if anything happens and do the best mission that we can. 

Sam: Thanksgiving day, you guys get back to family or thanksgiving day you’re on duty? 

Coastguard: Thanksgiving day, I actually get back to the family. 

Sam: That’s fantastic. I’m glad to hear it, Sir. 

Coastguard: Thank you. 

Sam: Please thank you, thank you to the crew, let’s get to the boards, we’ve got one or two things going on this morning we want to tell you as we head on our way into Brooklyn. We’ll start with the fact that that western storm is a bleak big headline storm. It’s been soaking wet with terrible winds, you’ve got another day of that but it does start to dry out South to North first as early as this afternoon in Southern sections. If we’re going to get a good holidays travel, the roads are good except for that North-Western area and you’ve got that area fog that runs for Penske, Kentucky al the way to Chicago and those Western great lengths. In the skies, we’re already picking up some airport delays because of that storm and because of that fog and there will be some cascade problems there. We’re looking at the big board and that’s the weather around the nation. Here’s what you can expect this morning. 

[Commercial break] 

Sam: And we are live moving on the west side into New York harbor, we’re just moments away from Brooklyn, we’ll see you guys in Red Hook just a minute. Thanks to the Coast Guard, we’ll see you there. 

Speaker 2: And Sam is in Red Hook delivering much-needed food and Thanksgiving dinner to people whose homes were so hard hit by superstorm Sandy, helping out those in need this holiday, this Thanksgiving. 

Speaker 3: That’s so great. 

Speaker 1: It’s going to be a great [inaudible 04:44]. We have, we talk about kids and pies she … 

Sam: The stuff, the dressing and the gravy and the cranberry sauce and everything is right there and that yeah. Oh, hi. It’s the studio going, “Hey Sam, you’re up.” Good morning everybody. We are, by the way, we made it into Red Hook, Brooklyn, this is one of the areas that was really hard hit by Sandy and you just got to imagine about 6-foot of water coming over the edge which is the water is just right down there. We’re with the coast guard, we’re with the  New York City Food bank, the Food Bank of New York City is the way the truck reads, it’s got about 500/600/700 meals in there, I’m being told here, our friends, our next door neighbors in Times Square, Virgil’s, also sending out some food for the folks this morning so, we’re giving our food all day long to the folks who need it but you just got to remember this was the kind of storm that folks just went prepared for no matter how prepared they were and as we get ready for thanksgiving and we think about spending time with our families, it really is about giving to folks who really are having a hard time getting their lives back together after the storm we’ve called Sandy. 

Speaker 4: Three weeks after Hurricane Sandy tour across the Mid-Atlantic, the devastation can be seen today in the faces of those still homeless and hungry. 

Speaker 5: There are a lot of people who don’t have the means to get food so, we’re feeding thousands of people each day across New York and New Jersey. The American Red Cross is a lifeline for many of these victims, serving over 6 million meals to survivors of the storm. 90,000 were served in New York on Tuesday alone. The hot food coming from Make Shift kitchens like this one in the devastated breakaways in Queens, New York. Food banks, churches and charities are also doing their part to feed the hungry. With over 70,000 homes destroyed and many thousands more damaged, the demand for a hot meal isn’t expected to ease any time soon. 

Speaker 6: We’re going to see numbers go up again as the recovery efforts really start to push forward. 

Speaker 5: The volunteers like this one from the Southern Bank Disconvention say they’re ready to help.

Volunteer: We just need to know that it’s going out to the people and they’re going to have a nice hot meal. 

Sam: You guys come cozy up a little bit. Hey, I’m sorry, this time, I’m going to pick up a microphone so I make sure you hear me. Mario, come over for me. Mario, this is your home, this is your area right? 

Mario: Yes. 

Sam: Good morning and thank you for being with us here this morning. 

Mario: Good morning. 

Sam: Tell folks just a little bit about, is the neighborhood back together or are folks still walking around here? 

Mario: No, there’s still a lot of things to do around this neighborhood. 

Sam: And your wife is not feeling so well right now? 

Mario: She’s a breast cancer survivor, she’s still going through treatments. 

Sam: And so, everybody here could use a little extra care for some folks around the city. Do you feel like you’re getting some help around? 

Mario: Yeah. We’ve been getting some help but, you know, the more the merrier, the better for us. 

Sam: It’s exactly right and it’s not just the Thanksgiving day, we can get some folks a little bit of food on Thanksgiving and you can help them out but they really need a lot more help here in getting their lives back together and that’s all over the Jersey Shore and the areas that were hit by Sandy. Let’s get to the boats. Mario, thank you Sir, happy Thanksgiving and we’ll set you up with a little bit of food here and we’ll get to the map so we’ll show you what’s going on this morning. We began with that North-Western storm system that basically is going to deliver more rain. It’s been 9/10 inches of rain in some locations when you see numbers like that, that’s a serious storm and big-time snowfall totals. The good news is from Southern areas, it starts to pull out first. Then take a look at the warmer area that’s on the Eastern seaboard. Now, this leads you only up to about Thanksgiving day, by the way, you’ve got about three days to enjoy the warm temperatures because by the time we get very past Friday, we’ve got another sweep of cold air moving across the good part of the country. And a quick look at your Thanksgiving day forecast here so everybody knows what’s going on. Most of the country will be in really great shape, we’ve had those bad fog reports anywhere from America’s heartland, that’s Kentucky, Tennessee, all The was up into Chicago land, Illinois, Indiana coming in with some heavy fog as well. That’s the weather around the nation, here’s what you can expect this morning.

[Commercial Break] 

Sam: We just want to funk everybody who’s helped us put just this little bit of help together for the folks here in Red Hook and there’s so much more you can do. Coming up on Good Morning America, how you can make a Child’s Dream come through… 

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