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Virgil's Real BBQ Fried Catfish Recipe As Seen On CBS Sports

Watch CBS Sports Camille Ford and Virgil's Real BBQ executive chef Neal Corman whip up some of Virgil's famous fried catfish. For this and other delicious southern style BBQ recipes visit Virgil's Real BBQ for some of the best BBQ in Las Vegas.


Video transcription 

Speaker 1: Nick, today we’re going to be nodding the South with the Fish Fry. It’s catfish, its delicious, Neil Corman is going to teach us how to do it and we’re going to Virgil’s. You ready? I thought so.

Speaker 2: Neil Corman. Executive Chef, Virgil’s Real BBQ and this is how we do catfish.

Speaker 1: I’m at Virgil’s BBQ with Executive Chef, Neil Corman, and we’re going to learn all about tailgating with fish.

Speaker 2: Fish and tailgating?

Speaker 1: What?

Speaker 2: Exactly. It does go together though and we have a great dish. Here at Virgil’s BBQ, we serve a lot of catfish. First thing that goes with it is Tartar sauce. It is obviously based with Mayonnaise. You have two tablespoons of Chops here, I have four tablespoons of Capers chopped egg, why? Because eggs are cool and it adds some body to that, two tablespoons of Celery, four tablespoons of Chopped Parsley and then we’re going to do some Shallots, I’m going to put a little bit of lemon juice. So, now what we do id were going to take and full this together really fast

Speaker 1: I think you can go faster than that.

Speaker 2: Ok.

Speaker 1: Yeah. I like it. That’s the coolest Tartar sauce I’ve ever seen and also the fanciest.

Speaker 2: Here is our beautiful Tartar sauce, it is all set, what we need to do is have it set up so we’re going to pop into the refrigerator and then, we’ll start our catfish. Cool?

Yeah, definitely cool.

Speaker 2: Alright. Good. This is about a 7-9-ounce portion, I’m going to use two of them right now in our battering, in our batter process. So, it’s a 2:1, however you start with it so, its parts flour, and that’s just an all-purpose flour that we have, and then, one part of cornmeal. So, here we are, we’re going to start with this and then, really, what we do is we’re just going to flavor this flour, a little bit of garlic powder, onion powder and this is two teaspoons of dried Oregano, teaspoon of black pepper, about a tablespoon of dried thyme …

Speaker 1: I can do both of these?

Speaker 2: Go right ahead.

Speaker 1: Mustard

Speaker 2: You’re good.

Speaker 1: And Paprika.

Speaker 2: Close. Taste it. come on, go ahead and taste it.

Speaker 1: Oh.

Speaker 2: Oh, it’s not Paprika. Little cayenne pepper. So, I’ll put a little flavor in there. We just mix it up really nice. That taken, we’re going to put it in this flat pan over here ok Now, we’re going to make our batter. We’re going to start out with buttermilk and a half a cup of hot sauce

Speaker 1: This kind of looks like a buttermilk ...

Speaker 2: Go right ahead.

Speaker 1: … latte.

Speaker 2: So, this is salt, this is black pepper and there are some herbs over in there too which is a little bit dried thyme and dried oregano and this is about two tablespoons.

Speaker 1: Hmmm …

Speaker 2: So, that’s a big salt content in that.

Speaker 1: Mm-mmm.

Speaker 2: This is a spice mix that we use for our fried chicken and this is a little bit of dried chilies, this is a little bit of dried cayenne peppers, some paprika, this is also some garlic powder, this is some onion powder and it’s got a little bit of Mexican oregano in there.

Speaker 1: Oh yeah …

Speaker 2: Yummy. What you can do is grab that catfish

Speaker 1: Alright.

Speaker 2: Pop it right over there in the batter. Oh my gosh. Add it all in, add it all in, add it all in,

Speaker 1: Oh, I think I can see where you’re going with this, no catfish left behind.

Speaker 2: And this should sit in here at least for about 20-30 minutes. From here, we go right into our flour, even the fish, you lay it down in there put a little bit on top and then, we just shake it off …

Speaker 1: Ok …

Speaker 2: Turn it around, make sure you got all those nooks and crannies in there. And there we go, we’ve got Carolina Catfish all ready to go, batter dipped and breaded and ready to fry.

Speaker 1: I wonder if I did this enough, I could just fry and then just eat the batter right off my fingers. This is what you call a tailgate manicure, if you want to know how we did this, go to

Speaker 2: Ok. Here we are. We have our catfish fillets, they are all breaded, they got all the flavors, they got all the batter and what we're going to do is we're going to fry up. So, I tell you what, I’m going to hold this up, take one of those puppies and lay it right down on top just right on in that basket and we’re going to lower it down in the oil, we do another one right there, just lay it right in, there you go and that’s going to go in.

Speaker 1: Mm-mmm. So, if you’re tailgating, this is going to be your friend, the fish fryer, maybe not so much

Speaker 2: You’re going to do right about 350. And what you’re going to do is you’re going to fry them for about 4 minutes on each side, five minutes so they’re golden brown and delicious.

Speaker 1: Those look awesome.

Speaker 2: They are good, we’re going to give them a second just to drain alright?

Speaker 1: Can we eat them now?

Speaker 2: We can eat them now but we’re going to eat them with some sides. Here at Virgil’s, we have like 9 sides that go with all our barbecue, all our fried items, all our items, all our southern food. So,

Speaker 1: They better be good because I’m ready to go.

Speaker 2: They better be good? Of course, they’re good, you’re at Virgil’s.

Speaker 1: Alright. Good point, good point.

Speaker 2: That was good.

Speaker 1: That is what I’m talking about.

Speaker 2: It’s got some collard greens, some incredible mashed potatoes and how hard did we work on that Tartar sauce?

Speaker 1: I’m stoked about it. Nick, I’m going to eat an entire container of Tartar sauce today and while I do it, I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR FOOTBALL GAME

Speaker 2: Mm-mmm-mmm. Tailpiece. Tailgate, tailpiece,

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