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Virgil's Real BBQ on Fox and Friends for National BBQ Month

Virgil's Real BBQ Executive Chef, Neal Corman celebrates National BBQ month with Fox & Friends! Learn how Chef Neal Coman makes some of the best bbq in NYC


Video Transcription:

Speaker 1: Barbecue. And we’re going to have to get the boxing ring ding-ding going again … 

Speaker 2: I’m telling ya. 

Speaker 1: … because of my bad, real bad Neil Corman here. And you’re actually located in Times Square. 

Speaker 2: I feel like this is a Virgil’s backyard event. We have already four block one here, everybody is here in our backyard, celebrating Barbecue. What a great time. 

Speaker 1: Now, tell me how you got into cooking barbecue because you initially were in French cuisine. 

Speaker 2: I was in French cuisine and all of a sudden, I woke up one day and I was developing a concept for a Grill Company and I started doing barbecue and I came back home and we’re right here in Time Square, 22 years Virgil’s been around so, we’ve been serving BBQ to everybody in Manhattan. 

Speaker 1: Yeah. And a lot of people think that the French spend a lot of time and attention to detail with their food but it’s the same with Barbecue. I mean, some of these barbecues will have to roast or marinate for hours on-end. 

Speaker 2: Barbecue is so technique ridden. We start an easy 12 hours before cooking and 48 hours before, just to marinate everything, just like these wings we’ve got over here. 

Speaker 1:  I just like the taste of the chicken. 

Speaker 2: We’ve got some amazing, these are like more than a quarter pound wings, these are full wings marinated for 24 hours and smoked for 3 and a half. 

Speaker 1: Neil Corman, thank you so much from Virgil’s real barbecue out in Time Square, if you’re in Manhattan, check him out. 

Speaker 2: Thank you for having us, appreciate it. 

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